Adrienne Leigh Kibler

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Adrienne is a metalsmith, lapidary artist, and technical writer born in Long Beach, California. Her love of creating was cultivated from a young age by her family’s love of music and art, especially her mother’s paintings and brother’s music. After receiving her BA in Global Cultures she served in the Peace Corps in Cambodia, where the vibrant culture, art, and architecture greatly inspired her. A lifetime desire to learn metalsmithing was fulfilled when she began taking courses at Long Beach City College, where she is not only learning the craft but found a wonderful community of creators, artists, teachers, and friends.

Sterling silver chandelier earrings with dendritic agate.

My work is mostly an artistic take on the scientific process. I enjoy seeing if I can engineer, decipher, or jerry rig the ideas I have. For me, the most fulfilling part of metalsmith is the ability to problem solve and move past barrier with creativity. Which sometimes lands me in a spot where I just have a pile of melted or mangled silver, but you know what they say: no risk, no reward. I am sure my parents are just glad I have moved on to my own materials and am not using things I find around their house anymore.

Sterling Silver Calla Lily Earrings

Aesthetically my work is influenced by the geometry of the art deco movement, the natural themes of art nouveaux, and a lifetime of growing up in the American Southwest. In addition, the architecture that I saw during my time living and working abroad left a strong impression whose visual imprint is seen in my current work. I especially enjoy the versatility and challenge of working with sterling wire as well as incorporating stones into my work.

In addition to metalsmithing I have begun to explore lapidary techniques at the Long Beach Mineral and Gem Society, where I have found another community of nature and art enthusiasts that welcomed me with open arms.

While making jewelry began as a way to learn challenging new techniques and make myself pieces I would myself enjoy, I look forward to this new opportunity to share my work with others with whom my artistic vision resonates.

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