Lynn Lane

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Lynn Lane has lived most of her adult life in Southern California.  She grew up in an Indiana suburb of Chicago and has worked with her hands all of her life.  A degree in Chemistry from Purdue University and a constant love for all things bright and colorful merge for her and inform her creations.

Brass and Sterling Wire Covid “Inflammasome” Earrings by Lynn Lane

Lynn’s practice includes jewelry-making and water-color painting. She also applies her love for the “how and why” in her painting and most importantly metal-work and jewelry-making.

Both Science and Art Creation require creative solutions. As Lynn was reading about the pandemic problem and potential vaccine solutions, she was inspired by scientific illustrations and created her Inflammasome earring.  It is a hopeful shape of one part of a vaccine pathway made into wearable art. The challenge of making wearable art to adorn is limitless to Lynn and the process is extremely gratifying.

While she walks this journey of making things that catch and reflect light, she has studied Fine Art for more than 15 years in Long Beach. Lynn is extremely grateful to the Long Beach City College instructors that she has studied under.  They have invited her into their community and have generously shared their knowledge of art, craft and practical experience in becoming an entrepreneur in the Arts. She will continue to nurture this relationship and hopes to give back to this fantastic community.

Available items