Andrea Magolske

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Long Beach artist Andrea Magolske uses metal to explore the human narrative and it’s conflict with the natural world. Her interest in art and nature led to a degree in Landscape Architecture and an Art Minor. She later transitioned from landscape design to jewelry design and is currently pursuing the certificate in Jewelry Entrepreneurship at Long Beach City College. 

Copper and Silver “Pangolin Shell” earrings, 2020

My methods and materials evolve based on my current resource vocabulary. Through metal, my work is transitioning to explore the complex relationship between the natural and man made world while I expand my skill set and refine my purpose as an artist.

The Red Heat patina process, for the Pangolin Shell earrings, allowed me to explore working with the natural properties of copper to create a desired reaction. To create a nature inspired red finish required delicate control and focus.

My pieces are inspired by the urgent need for an improved connection between humankind and nature. Although it surrounds us, it is often more of an afterthought in our lives and our choices. Through my work I hope to encourage awareness and conversation around our impact on this world and the possibility for change and improvement in our relationship with it.

Available items